Returning an HTTP Server From a Function in Go

When building web applications in Go the most common example is one that sets up a handler for a specific URL route (endpoint) then fires up the HTTP server to listen for requests. It looks like this.

No Weapon Formed Debut Album Coming Soon!

My brother and his band No Weapon Formed will be releasing their debut album soon. The title of the album undetermined still but you can find a preview track YouTube named Phoenix. Go check it out and give it a like. These guys certainly have a great rock sound!

CCISD Career Day 2014

Last night the I participated as a representative for computer programming at the Clear Creek ISD College and Career Fair night. The Clear Creek school district offers a number of programs that encourage students to jump start their future education and careers. The job fair is a way for students to talk to actual practitioners in their field of interest, or even learn about opportunities they may have never known about.

A Go Weekend Puzzler

Adam Cameron posted a code challenge on his blog this last Friday. I have provided my answer in the form of a Google Go project. For those interested a 10,000ft view of how this works can be found below. Here are the instructions he provided.

Writing Your First Sublime Plugin [link]

Earlier this year I wrote a guest post for the web site This post walks you through your first time writing a plugin for Sublime Text, the most superb text and code editor. Sublime plugins are written in Python. If you’ve never written any Python before don’t let it stop you. Python is an easy language to get into and you will find the experience most rewarding. So if you’ve ever considered writing your own plugin for Sublime Text read my article over at Cheers, and happy coding!

MailSlurper 4.0 Released

MailSlurper 4.0 has just been released. This update addresses some bugs in parsing attachments and date display. It also adds the ability to choose from one of the following storage engines:

MailSlurper 3.5 Released

I have just published a small but important update to MailSlurper. Previously mails with attachments would cause issues with the parser and would not display correctly in the administrator. This has been addressed. In fact you can now see that a mail has attachments and even view them! So go get the latest version 3.5 on Github. Happy coding!

Parsing Woes in MailSlurper

Tonight as I was working a bug in MailSlurper I quickly came to the realization that my parsing routine sucks. The current version is passable for simple text emails or basic HTML emails. But the moment you add attachments or inline images it all goes downhill. The further I dove into this problem the more I also realized that RFC 2822, or Internet Message Format and MIME are also a little dated and weird.

Only Saving When File Is Modified

I got a ticket the other day questioning why my Sublime Text View In Browser plugin saves the file they are viewing every time the plugin is used. The answer of course is because it must be saved prior to opening in the browser. However the poster of the ticket did have a good point. There is no need to save the user’s file if the file hasn’t actually changed. I have pushed a modification to the plugin to ensure that the save only occurs if the user’s file has any modifications.

Google Analytics Integrated Into Texo Dashboard

Tonight I have integrated a few reports from Google Analytics into the Texo adminstrator Dashboard. I have included a Visits vs New Visits, Browser Stats, and Page Traffic information. Now I don’t have to log in to the Google Analytics dashboard unless I really want to dig into stats. Most often I just want to see page views and what posts are getting the most hits.